Orajel Dental Gel for toothache

    Orajel Dental Gel is used to temporarily reduce the toothache pain associated with a broken tooth or in a tooth where you may require a filling.

    Orajel Dental Gel contains Benzocaine at a concentration of 10% w/w. Orajel Dental Gel is a colourless gel. It smells like mint.

    Benzocaine is one of a group of medicines called local anaesthetics. It provides relief by numbing the area and therefore reducing the pain.

    Suitable for

    Adults and children over 12 years of age.

    In Stock

    Active ingredients: Benzocaine 10% w/w

    Other ingredients: Macrogol, Polyethylene Glycol, Sodium Saccharin (E954), Spearmint Flavour, Sorbic Acid (E200) and Clove Oil.
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