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We believe that pharmacists can assist you in improving care in care homes.

At a time when every pound of NHS resource needs to be scrutinised, we believe that a pharmacists, as part of a multidisciplinary team, can be responsible for the whole system of medicines and their use within a care home.

We are pleased to be working with ATLAS eMAR, please see this video to see how ATLAS can help your care home

We believe, and evidence shows, that this improves care, reduces NHS medicines waste and reduces the serious harm that can be caused by inappropriate use of medicines.

We would ensure coordinated and consistently high standards of care.

Where a care home specialises e.g. in dementia care, our team are assuredly competent to support the relevant clinical speciality.

Medicine reviews within care homes can be commissioned by local Clinical Commissioning Groups and are advantageous to your care home.

We would lead a programme of regular medicine reviews and staff training, working in an integrated team with other healthcare practitioners ensuring medicines safety.

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As members of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPSGB) we  have a range of references and resources at our disposal to assist you ad your patients.

A Tailored service to meet your care home’s needs…

  • Specialist knowledge in areas such as:

    Swallowing difficulties, covert administration, end of life and legal implications

  • CQC inspection framework and requirements

    (for example care plans)

  • Skills in RCA and risk assessment

  • Implementation of eMar solutions

  • Assistance with all legal matters such as:

    Deprivation of liberty, Safeguarding and Mental capacity act


From our offices in Surrey we are uniquely positioned to offer you a local and efficient service. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly approach with experienced staff who understand your needs because they are part of your community. Our Care Home Dispensing Unit provides a dedicated dispensing team offering day-to-day pharmaceutical advice and support over the telephone.

Years of experience
Fully comprehensive dispensing to care homes
Full range of weekly/monthly dossett boxes, & traditional boxes for tablets/bottles.
MAR sheets provided for monthly and acute treatments
On call for help and advice
Dedicated dispensing team for care homes
Provide training
Annual audit visits
Tailored service to individual needs
Assist with CQC inspections


We would lead a programme of regular medicine reviews and staff training, working in an integrated team with other healthcare practitioners ensuring medicines safety.
As members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society we believe that better utilisation of pharmacists’ skills in care homes will bring significant benefits to care home residents, care homes providers and the NHS.

training to care staff, notably:

  • Introduction to medicines and their use
  • Administration of medicines
  • Managing medicines
  • Monitoring residents and supporting medicines use
  • Elderly health

Proven eMAR: ATLAS care home medication just got better

Are you looking for a safe, simple and compliant eMAR system for your care home?

ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency

Visit ATLAS website to find out more >> (

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