Anusol Soothing Relief Suppositories – 12 Pack

    4 way action:

      • Shrinks piles
      • Relieves discomfort
      • Soothes itching
      • Reduces inflammation


    Anusol Soothing Relief Suppositories contain added hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort of internal piles (haemorrhoids).

    They also contain other active ingredients that help calm irritation and soothe the itching associated with piles.

    For anal insertion.

    In Stock

    Active ingredients

    Hydrocortison acetate, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth subgallate, Balsam Peru, Benzyl benzoate, Bismuth oxide


    Active ingredients: Each suppository contains Hydrocortison acetate 10mg, Zinc Oxide 296 mg Bismuth subgallate 59mg, Balsam Peru 49mg, Benzyl benzoate 33mg, Bismuth oxide 24mg.

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