Babystart Fertil Man Plus Sperm Support – Pack of 120 Capsules

    • Formulated to provide a single unique sperm supplement for use by men when pregnancy is not occurring
    • The ingredients have been carefully selected and are used in moderate safe levels according to EU standards
    • The formulation contains no herbals, only pure scientifically proven compounds
    • Only those ingredients known to especially benefit male fertility are included
    • Beneficial to sperm production
    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    FertilMan Plus formulation contains a increased levels of Selenium as it is proven to contribute to normal sperm development (spermatogenesis). Zinc contributes to the maintenance of testosterone levels in the blood and Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity. Our FertilMan Plus formula also includes Vitamin A as it has a role in cell specialisation and Folate (Folic Acid), Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 as all have a role in cell division.

    High Strength Amino Acid formula

    Our FertilMan Plus formula also includes other important ingredients including L-Arginine, L-Taurine, Co-Enzyme Q10 and L-Glutathione. Our formula also contains a high level of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

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